Discover the Best Strategies for SEO Keyword Research

No Comments – Discover the Best Strategies for SEO Keyword Research for Your Service-Based Business

Where do you go first every time you need an interior designer, restaurant, or lawyer? Obviously, you go to Google.

However, with all the businesses trying to compete for people’s attention, when you own a service-based business, it is a must to focus on SEO or search engine optimization as among your key marketing strategies.

One of SEO’s primary components is to find targeted and relevant keywords which can make a connection between the services you offer and what your target audience is looking for.

As a Toronto SEO company Toronto SEO Geek lays out some of the best SEO keyword research methods that can help any service-based business get started.

Delve Deeper into Your Business

You will never be able to come up with a good SEO keyword strategy to use for your service-based business unless you fully understand who comes to your website and what they are searching for. Check your account on Google Analytics and look at your stats such as the keywords people use to go to your website, the pages they stay on or leave, and their specific geographic location. After that, you will be able to fine-tune the keywords you should target, see which keywords don’t show up in your data, and come up with content to improve user experience.

Know What Your Competition is Doing

Whether the company has been in business for many years and shows up in top-ranking position, or it is a service-based business that has recently joined the scene, you will need to have a good picture of the landscape of competitive keywords.

You have to see who shows up every time you Google what customers are searching for. You have to know who else sells your services in a particular location.

Take note of the kind of content they offer potential customers as well as how properly optimized their website is for specific keywords. It will help you understand they keywords they target and those they don’t.

Pay More Attention to Longtail Keywords

When the keyword is more general, the more difficult it is to rank for that specific search term. A service-based business should research and use longtail keywords. These keywords are ultra-specific to anything you have to offer.

Even though they may bring lesser traffic compared to shorter keywords that rank higher, the traffic they manage to bring is actually more targeted.

You are probably a tax accountant specializing in returns for those who own a second house in a different country, or a professional home stager who mainly deals with three-bedroom ranchers located on the city’s east side. No matter what your niche may be, make sure the local world knows about it.

Toronto SEO Geek works by focusing first on keyword research followed by a good SEO strategy. SEO is a must for service-based businesses, whether you have an online company or has a brick and mortar location. You have to do first your research to come up with a solid keyword strategy which will help you do well in the local search rankings.

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